Pin hole cameras

Graham taught us in our pin hole camera lesson. we were taught how to create a pin hole camera and how to take photos and then develop them. photographic material is placed into a light tight container (this works like a mini dark room effectively). Then a small ‘pin’ sized hole at some point preferably the middle of the container and is covered with a light tight piece of duct tap. finally a piece light sensitive is placed into the box but this can only be done in a dark room to ensure that the paper is not exposed to light at all until needed. when a photo is ready to be taken the container is faced towards the focus for the photo and the duct tape is removed from the small hole and the light is exposed to the paper for as long as needed .


i stood still for 94 seconds exactly trying to achieve the perfect image of the mac unfortunately this as the best image i could create from the pin hole camera as accuracy isn’t the pin hole camera’s thing.


left: the positive of the image right:the negative result of the pin hole camera.

to produce a positive print from my pinhole negative i took the result from my pinhole camera into the dark room facedown onto negative paper and then placed a late sheet of glass over it (in order to keep everything from moving around dying the process). i then exposed the negative for 12 seconds after producing a step test to figure out how long i needed to expose it for. the end result of this process was a positive version of the first product.


an image of the hallways of glass


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