gary winogrand

was a street photographer known for his portrayal of the usa in the mid 20th century. His photos were mostly the portrayal of american life in the early 1960s. Many of his photographs depict the social issues of his time and in the role of media in shaping attitudes. i like his work particularly because he photographs beautifully mainly using light to beautify and uglify the 60s in america. He has captured his whole era magically the light is used by him to put the main focus of the picture into perspective.

winogrand wrote a few books but one in particular struck my liking and it was entitled ‘women are beautiful’. in this book he captures different traits in women through photography he captures one of womens most notorious traits; gossiping where a group of six women are leaning into each other on a park bench whispering and engrossed in conversation. another example of the traits he has captured is a women in a telephone box chatting along. cheerleaders are also captured by him as what I and I’m sure others understand as the stereotypical American teen dream.

Even though Winogrand was critiqued at times for “exploiting” women in his work, a group of 68 photographs entitled ‘Winogrand’s Women Are Beautiful’ (based on his 1975 photo book of the same name) celebrates rather than criticizes his various images of women. The images capture women in everyday life, transforming their daily doings (from parties to protests) into magical works of art. Winogrand wrote in his book, “
Whenever I’ve seen an attractive woman, I’ve done my best to photograph her. I don’t know if all the women in the photographs are beautiful, but I do know that the women are beautiful in the photographs. By the term ‘attractive woman,’ I mean a woman I react to, positively… I do not mean as a man getting to know a woman, but as a photographer photographing.”






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