The Kuleshov Experiment

the idea of the kuleshov experiment is that when two images are shown together that are to related to each other the human brain is uncomfortable with the idea of not knowing why something has happened so it tries to create a solution as to why they are together.

a man with a blank has been shown next to another photo of a soup, a girl on a coffin and an attractive female lying on a sofa. we auto magically create a solution as to why these images have been shown together such as withe soup the man is hungry, with the girl the man is grieving, and with the female he is lustful towards her. some deeper and more sinister emotions can be associated with the man and these images but its very subjective as to what you see as an individual, and how you react to these images changes due to your gender, ages and the life experiences you have faced.


these are some of the pictures that Olly took to show his kuleshov effect of leon. Leon was shot and then a plug socket some very contrasting opinions were assumed from these two images being shown together, such as; suicidal intentions, the need to charge something and amazement that something so small could hold so much power. these contrasting results from us all in the group confirm that lev kuleshov’s original idea does work, that when two images are shown together with an emotionless person and an object a solution is created in our minds to brig the two images together in some way.




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