photo story

today we were given a group of images to ‘make sense of’ and we made little stories as it were of these photographs. a photo is said to be worth a thousand words; so using a few images next to each other can tell a very detailed and much longer story that you might first think. the power of montage creates a story which would not have been able to have been told with only one image.


here we decided that the woman has been a heavy smoker in her life and this has caused her to be the victim of cancer and the end image is unfortunately a young girl kissing her goodbye whilst the older woman is on her deathbed.


similarly to the first 3 images i uploaded the first and last image in this are the same as the first. except we are shown that this once happy and smiling woman has had to be put to rest, but we are left guessing as there is no clue at all or any suggestion as to hy she is in this state and what has caused this happy lady to be in a hospital bed.



here is these two images i feel like the idea of relaxing and sleeping are shown as opposites one could be a relaxing experience, maybe drifting off for a nap after a long day and it being a good feeling. on the other hand the photograph on the right hand side is a woman being put to rest and this could show the end of a life and someone fearing passing away being so close to death that when this woman goes to sleep her eyes may not open again. this is the juxtaposition of resting this is two opposites; resting and passing away.


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