tom hussey

The photographer arrived upon the concept for this series after a conversation with an 80-year-old World War II veteran, who couldn’t believe how quickly time had passed. “He commented that he didn’t understand how he could be 80 years old as he felt he was still a young man. He just didn’t feel it was possible he could be 80 years old,”.

Hussey worked on the concept between the separation of body and mind in his mirror series. Firemen, teachers, scientists and nurses confront their older selves in the mirror wearing retro uniforms and showing their old youthful selves. To cast the shoot, Hussey and his team found convincing dopplegangers separated by 40 or 50 years. The results are very realistic in capturing the relationship we have with our changing bodies over long periods of time.

This is just beautiful. We need art to remind us that life isn’t all politics,war and division as it can be so powerful. These photos are beautifully done and each one tells a story that betters ‘a thousand words.’ its thoughtful, touching and quite emotional to look at, Hussey conveys so well thoughts that we each may feel as we  come to the stage of life where we age. Hussey has found a way to bring a reality to the thoughts of older people that itself is quite beautiful and i personally very like this work as it is so touching and heartfelt.


80-year-old World War II veteran who could not believe he was aged and how quickly time had passed.


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