Genres of studio photography

Advertising photography is all about selling the product here there are other aspects to the photograph, but we are drawn to the nesquik, we avoid the fruit and the busy kitchen background and due to focus and lighting and brightness we are mainly focussed on the brand in question. subliminal messages are used throughout advertising photography such as the fruit here, as if to say “don’t eat healthy fruit, eat our chocolate nesquik cereal”. highlighting the product makes the brand seem desirable without actually using any senses. everything in advertising photography makes us want the product and makes the brand and the product look good.

nesquik avertising photograph (showing off the product)

nesquik advertising photograph (showing off the product)

Commercial photography is similar to advertising but they advertise a brand or product by putting someone either attractive or famous in the merchandise or using the brand or product. the image below is of a swimmer re presenting Nike swimwear as there is a discrete but crucial Nike tick on his swimming hat. the photograph is intense and inviting and draws your attention to the swimmer, almost telling a story. as the man is wearing the brand this is commercial photography, and the background image is deep and blue with bright under lighting showing off the swimmer in general and also the swim wear to which he is wearing.

nike commercial photoraphy (swimmer)

Nike commercial photography (swimmer)

Editorial photography has very strong and bold poses of people showing off as editorials are normally to do with beauty or fashion and found in magazines and billboards. now this striking pose in the photograph below is showing off her jewellery but most importantly would be either on the cover of say vogue or as a page in vogue to make people envy her and keep reading to make them drawn into the magazine itself. editorial photography refers to the pictures inside of the magazine that aren’t actually ads. they are the photographs that go along with the articles or maybe even the cover of the magazine itself. Editorial Photography is simply said to be  “photography that supports the printed word”. That may be either news or advertising but not to quite an obvious level. You might say that editorial photography is a way to also attract readers to buy the magazine or news paper.

editiorial jewelry photograph (showing off the rings on this womans fingers)

editorial jewelry photograph (showing off the rings on this womans fingers)


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