Photoshop symmetry

we were asked to arrange the studio lights to our liking and take a close up head shot of our partners for the day, (I personally used the beauty lamp as it puts a lovely glow on the face).  we were then asked to make the face symmetrical; so taking half of the face and mirroring the image. as you can see I have done this below…

DSC_0025grace face

I achieved this by taking the original image and cropping it into half then making the original image the background for a new document and placing the half on top of the image to make the mirror image effect.

This looks abnormal because faces are never perfectly symmetrical. I personally find it interesting that something that is symmetrical and said to be ‘perfection’ looks abnormal to us as we are not used to seeing it. symmetry in human faces can cause abnormalities in facial features this is similar to some facial features found in neurological disorders like down syndrome, which is not a common thing and as this is an abnormality, the distinct facial features are seen as irregular or abnormal to most people.

the original image as shown on the left side is asymmetrical and shows shading and differences in hair and clothing, whereas the symmetrical on the right doesn’t allow the viewer to see quite as well just where the light is hitting as it was only one the side of the studio where more beauty lamp was, (if I were to do this again I would take more into consideration that lighting effects final outcome during the process of making a photograph symmetrical).


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