Leading studio photographers

David Bailey,

is an artist with a very unique style, his signature style, and this has made him a very well know photographer. he uses harsh lighting with a very intense bright or intense dark background is nearly all of his photography. always using black and white allows us to focus on the shapes and shadows and distinct features of the photograph especially with the very high contrast to which David Bailey always uses. for saying David Bailey is 76 years old now his style from the sixties to noughties hasn’t changed at all, which shows dedication and consistency on his part throughout his many years of stylish and current photography.


originally i tough the work of Rankin to be quite dull and repetitive and in my personal opinion the only shots i had seen were in black and white and they were good pictures but seemed quite un original almost as if to copy the above artist David Bailey. UnknownUnknown-2Unknown-1 Some have called Rankin the modern day David Bailey and i can see why, but i changed my opinion on rankin’s work once i went through all of his portfolios and i saw fab beauty shots and contemporary shoots, then exciting abstract poses and intense lighting which made me excited to look at more of his work. These photographs to me are beautiful and are exactly the type of photography that i would love to someday shoot if only to half the staard of Rankin.

Unknown-3images 800be1d189b7eb69c1353e2604ed6a6e

Annie Lebovitz,

who is recognised around the world for her powerful and intimate celebrity portraits, began these enchanting photographs after being approached by disney to do the series to promote their “Year Of A Million Dreams” promotion. That promotion is over, but Leibovitz continues to take these wonderful portraits, her latest as of 2014 is from brave where Jessica Chastain where she is mounted a horse bearing a bow. i really love how she captures these images and then edits them to look so enchanting and mysterious. this isn’t her most famous work and is not at all the work she is most well known for but it is my favourite by her so far…there is still more to come.

“I sometimes find the surface interesting. To say that the mark of a good portrait is whether you get them or get the soul – I don’t think this is possible all of the time.” Annie Leibovitz



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