Composite types

Francis Galton,

devoted many years to the use of ‘composite portraiture’, where photographs of different people were merged together, to produce a single image. E.G, men who had committed LARCENY were photographed and overlaid upon each other, his intention was to show how similar these people are to each other, and as an end result showing what the ultimate larcenist would look like.

Francis Galton

Francis Galton

Bernd & Hilda Becher,

the benchers photograph industrial structures which show ,modernist engineering such as gris, reservoirs and water towers. these images make the buildings seem strange and alien like: these images give a drawing impression because the multiple images are blurred.Bern and Hilla Becher's Coal Bunkers.

Idris khan,

Idris Khan’s photos of smudgy black marks,look more like charcoal drawings than actual photographs at first glance i didn’t realise they were photographs. His images are composites built from layered sheets of music, book pages, paintings or other photographs that seem to squeeze journeys in time – like reading or hearing music – into a single picture.

images-1                images-2


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