Mimic francis galton

Here i have taken my own personal practical approach on Francis Galton’s work. i created a lighting arrangement that made each one of the people i took photos of look guilty. in order to achieve this interrogation feel to the images i put a harsh lamp above them and a beauty dish facing towards the model’s face still remembering this is a portrait . (i maintained consistency in how the pictures were taken because as they were to be layer on top of each other i knew they had to look the same in proportions). Using multiple layering in Photoshop i changed the opacity of each image turning every layer down from 100% visibility to about only 30% opacity each and created a composite ‘mug shot’ of the people i chose to take photographs of.

I decided to shoot one male and four female models and layer them over the top because i wanted to represent how people aren’t always what they seem on the surface (or whom they seem) and that when you peel back the layers you can start to understand just what lies beneath. in this case the layers above were hiding a male which represents that sexual orientation and transgender people are beginning to come out more as it is starting to become ‘the norm’ in present society. sadly this also represents the people who still feel they have to hide their true selves under either clothing, make-up or the way they act. i have tried to depict a sensitive scenario using only my camera and layering on Photoshop.


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  1. Xaffi, the outcome of this exercise is effective, but I think you could have gone into more detail about how you set up the lighting for the portraits, and how you used Photoshop to montage the images together.


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