Me Myself: (Self Image Research)

for this task we were told to take self portraitures and change our self image in some way. for inspirational purposes we were given artists to look at and self photographers. some of these were:


was a class self portrait artist and through out his life took self portraits of himself to a very high and realistic standard.

Francis bacon,

this troubled artist took self portrait to a newer more abstract way in the 60s. his unnatural and almost rule breaking style reflects how he was personally and is almost a self image of his mind as well as his actual appearance.

Andy Warhol,

here andy Warhol creates an unmanly image as though he is trying to blend into the background and become invisible, to the background of this image and also the background of society. his artwork reflects his extravert personality and ways making his inner self glow onto his life’s work.

Sophie calle,

a strange and peculiar take on self portraits she spent 67 precious days waiting for her beloved knowing he was going to leave her and took a photograph of her bed every day whilst waiting. she basically took a photo to show how she still held onto hope even though it was almost none existant in some ways this shows personally to myself that she has inner strength that she probably doesn’t see herself. the self portrait here shows how shes been through struggle and shows heras a mother figure in Lourdes.

Gillian wearing,

took interesting self portraits where she was her younger self, also she took a very stereotypical mug shot of herself. she also posed as lily cole where you can see below on the right hand image. all of her work reflects her lifestyle so her influences for her abstract, unnatural and very unusual photographs are all to do with her interesting life, friends and most importantly herself. the photographs are very ‘snappy’ and unprofessional looking but once the depth and meaning of the images occupants has been explained or understood, deeper feeling are bought to her work about how we see them.


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