Photo montage


Here is my example of a photograph montage on a scanned in double page spread from my notebook. In order to create this I bought in some old family photographs from home. 5 of these images (my favourites) I scanned into the mac using the silver fast software, so that they can be used for the digital photo montage. I set the scanner so that it was at least 3000 pixels on each side and the resolution was 300 pip (pixels per inch) so that it is clearly shown and is able to be made to size A-3 without losing a lot or any quality. I then slightly changed some of the levels of brightness on the photographs but only where necessary.

the using Adobe Photoshop I created this set up for the montage which I am very impressed with. on this task I had to use editing skills and Photoshop skills which I believe I have improved on this lesson slightly. I believe the work I have made is fit for it purpose as a photo album. I used the free transform tool to adjust the way the photographs were arranged (degrees angle they were placed) and I had pre cropped the images as they were scanned in to the correct size and cropped into the correct shape, so they could easily be inserted to Photoshop. this task took a lot of forward thinking because if you do not do something properly the first time you may have to start.

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  1. Xaffi, I think the photo album has worked really well, but as before you haven’t described the process in much detail. You should try to go through the process of producing an image step by step, using screen shots where you can to demonstrate that you understand how the equipment and software works.


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