Safety in studio photography

the main hazards of electricity in the workplace are said to be as of this website (

  • electric shock and burns from contact with live parts,
  • injury from exposure to arcing, fire from faulty electrical equipment or installations,
  • explosion caused by unsuitable electrical apparatus or static electricity igniting flammable vapours or dusts, for example in a spray paint booth”

the “live parts” in the photography studio would be the lights, bulbs and electrical equipment. we must take care in using all of the equipment we use but especially electrical as injury and even electrocution is a risk here.

fire can be prevented by making sure that none of the wireing is faulty and if it is t either be covered with electrical tape or be relaxed with a new and safe fitting. also fires can be prevented by making sure that all bulbs are replaced and aren’t moved from low setting to high setting to quickly as this can cause the bulbs t shatter and this can cause injury, burns or irritation.

explosions in the photography studio can be caused by faulty equipment so again make sure all equipment is up to the standard it should be before using, and especially before setting up whilst with a client. flammable vapours in the photography studio are mostly non exist amt but if working in the same parameter as an other ties of photography then some developing, fixing or other chemical solutions could and possibly are in the air as vapour, so you should take great care to avoid flammable situations or sparks of any kind.


Lewis Hein,

over decades he took hundreds of photographs of children as young as seven working in the coal mines and wool mills and fought for rights and regulations to make work environments safer for everyone not just young children.



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