Photographic realism

What is real to me?

real to me is something that i physically can see. i don’t think photography is real because it’s a moment captured but that moment has gone, it may have been real once but now it is a lie. i don’t believe anything is right or wrong, but that we just have our own perceptions on everything. as we have the technology to create images in seconds and to capture a moment, it doesn’t mean that what we captured is real. i don’t believe that a camera is smart enough or advanced enough to capture something which i see as.

Irwina Werning,


these photographs are real to me as they are images of people, but they aren’t what is hinted in this image which is that they are not the same person so this is almost a lie. I don’t think that is image inaccurate in meaning as there is no evidence to say that this is the same person but jet grown up. it is 2 photographs of two separate people the second imitating the pose, clothing and everything else in the image as the first image. these images are peculiar and interesting, and to me it doesn’t really matter if they are real or not.


this photograph I have found to me again isn’t the actual moment, so the digital photograph itself is not real its just dots on a screen, but the lovely meaning the photograph represents is very real. just like words in story books, the words aren’t real but the story is real. this photograph to me represents how true love can be found in the weirdest of places and that love is truthful and legitimate through the actions we go through everyday, eve falling asleep whilst commuting. in our reality today love is everywhere, and here is the evidence that love is real.


chuck close a leading modern painter and photographer focuses on portraits of him and his family (most of his images are large and to a very large-scale at that). he begins with a photograph of a face, creating a painting or print through a grid based reconstruction style. chuck close went through a spinal infection in 1988 which left him a quadriplegic and he had to teach him self over how to use his hand, this makes his work even more impress to me.

this real to me due to the fact that it is a painting on top of a photograph. it has been taken from one stage to another and i think that because the photograph has had human contact other than on a computer he has made something digital and taken from a moment into something real.

As I write this I realise that I am contradicting myself in writing but that doesn’t matter because what we perceive as real and not can change with each thing we see.

plain old mepretty..ish

these are self portraits I took as I was trying to show how makeup can cover-up a lot of pain and hurt and make me feel better about myself. make-up turns me into something I’m not which is confident and in my eyes quite pretty. to me in the left hand image I am real and in the right hand image I am not real I have chafed myself in order to not seem real because I don’t like my reality and my reality needs changing but that just from my point of view.


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