Studio shooting: Steampunk shoot

my shoot has been designed by myself in every detail.

i gave decided to do a industrial setting with a Steampunk style outfit.


it will be a portrait, fashion shoot and possible close up or a half body shoot. with some abstract angles and a more stylist take on the steampunk genre.

my mother is the model and i will curl her hair in the morning so as to ensure a classy and elegant style. so as to not overpower the outfit she wears.

i expect to achieve a quality image as an end result, hopefully one that partially mimics the steampunk but classy style shown above as this is what i have been wanting to achieve.


  • model,

Technical set up

  • Nikon D70 SLR (digital camera)
  • tripod (possibly)
  • beauty dish
  • soft box
  • mounts for the beauty dish and soft box
  • white background sheet
  • a chair,stool or sofa.
  • a manequin for props

my shoot started off very early at 7:00am for a journey out to arrive at 9:00am we then started shooting at 9:30 after make-up.

DSC_2450 - Copy

when we started shooting we tried to main areas with whatever poses we thought would work in the industrial setting (Long eaton lacemills). we first were in a white victorian outbuilding. i took some shots from high up and in corners moving the studio lights accordingly. the room had very cold lights and was quite dark so using lamps, beauty and reflector umbrellas i made the set up look warm and peaceful. my camera setting i had a high ISO about 1000 but it varies as we moved around the room, a high aperture and 1/60 for shutter speed. i have never taken Location photographs with studio equipment before this day so everything was new except for a 15 minute test shoot i gave myself before i got my mum to come up for hair and make-up (also done by myself).

.DSC_2455 - Copy DSC_2470 - Copy

From using these angles the images below are what i achieved.

DSC_2505 DSC_2505col

DSC_2483grey DSC_2504colex

i then changed area to a darker and more industrial looking staircase in the actual mill itself. these are the angles i used in the stairs area and how the lights were set up. this light was particularly tricky to work with but i found that shooting in this area got some very good quality images so at the end of the day worth the struggle. keeping a high ISO in this area of the Lace Mill i had to have a higher shutter speed and aperture this worked well. there were not exact setting for this shoot as i had to keep changing them for almost every shot, as the angle kept changing and lamps kept moving.

DSC_2497DSC_2482 - CopyDSC_2479 - Copy

here are the images i managed to achieve from shooting with the lights in this way and using thee angles.

DSC_2524 DSC_2524bw DSC_2568ex DSC_2571ex

i believe the shoot went as planned we started when planned and finished after 4 hours of shooting so overall a well planned out shoot. the photographs were successful but as i thought some editing was needed only small adjustments such as levelling out and a few blemishes and dodging. some of the post shoot editing i will admit would have been a lot easier to sort on the shoot and if would have left myself more space around the image i could have framed and cropped and levelled out easier but i have learnt from this and now i know that for my next shoot on location i need to do as much as i can before the photos become a file. The location itself was a struggle but it went with the steampunk outfit we had for my model to wear and i planned the location, make-up and clothing all to fit together to create a good set of images so i’d say that the location was a good choice. i also chose lighting which would make the model and outfit look as good as it could i believe i made the correct choice but if i had a softer lighting option in the future i would definitely use that instead as there are a few shadows which i didn’t intend on being part of the image but were sadly unavoidable on the shoot.

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  1. Xaffi, I think it’s great that you took the initiative to carry out your photo shoot on location, and you’ve done well to produce the images that you did. I think that the work would be improved if you could reflect on the images that you did shoot, and describe why you think they are successful (or not).
    I’d also like to see more explanation of how you set up the lighting (what aperture did you use on the camera, the relative power of the two lights, etc?).


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