My “perfect” and “not perfect” images



I prefer the first picture as it is “perfect” to me the way I have taken it is head on and striking, things which have symmetry are deemed “strange” if not shown right but sometime it just works and in this case it does. you kind of get lost in this images symmetry. with the perfume bottle’s face staring right at you, you feel intimidated which is what I want which is interesting.

the second image I feel is not “perfect” as it does not have symmetry but on the other hand is more abstract and interesting. it is looking out of frame as if it will transcend out of the shot.

“inner beauty is how you feel on the inside, and it reflects in your eyes.”-Sophia Loren

I personally believe that if you feel you are perfect then that is what you are. you are as beautiful or as ugly as you feel you are inside, because as Sophia Loren said..”it reflects in your eyes”.

images-2Untitled (3) (2)Unknownimages-1pretty..ish 2Unknown

Beauty has a lot of power. but a photograph cannot express the inner beauty and personality of some. a photograph can bring back a memory of someone’s personality, but nothing is every exactly as it seems. sometime a smile or a little make-up can hide a lot underneath. loss, fear, anger, heart-break all the negative’s we try to hide. so why shouldn’t we all try to be beautiful? do we even know what is truly beautiful anymore? truly perfect? on the inside and out…

to me beauty is expresses through the way you treat the people around you, your actions in life and your behaviour in general. my mother says that you know what someone was like in life when you “read their wrinkles” the crowfoot wrinkle around the eyes she calls “extra beautiful” as they show you smiled throughput your life and wrinkles around the mouth also suggest this. for a perfect photograph the meaning, shot and various other aspects of a person’s personality (to me all of them) need to be perfect or just genuine.

img-thing ?????????????? images-3





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