Perfect photographs

in reality nothing is absolutely “perfect” photographs included. photography will always be a subjective art form. a photograph can be composed, exposed, and printed to the exact standards that you are asked to meet and can meet all known conventions of composition and exposure but still not be “perfect” to everyone as everyone has different ideas of what “perfect” actually is. my idea of perfect is that different aspects of a photograph can be perfect to me for examples I will list 3 ideas of perfect I had in mind:

Captured perfect moment in seconds,

imagesScreen-Shot-2013-08-15-at-11.11.11-AM images-4

all of these photographs are perfect to me as they have been taken at the perfect moment. the first photograph being how the ladybird is about to take flight and if you’ve ever had a ladybird on your hand you’ll know this experience of the ladybird taking off, lasts but a second.

the wasp stinger here o the second image is fascinating and also educational as i didn’t know needs stingers were so long at all. this moment again lasts only a second if not less so being able to capture this a specific camera type must be used, or a slow motion camera.

the third image is a set of four crayons being hit by a bullet and this is way less than a seconds worth of frame, so this photograph must have been extremely hard to capture and must have been taken by a very talented photographer with a very expensive and highly advanced camera type.

Capturing perfect emotions,


the first image here represents freedom to me and this is a perfect idea in that its emotive ways suggest how we have fought for freedom in so many ways and now we all mostly have it, it’s a relief and we can just be free with the one we love. this is a perfect emotion captured and also a perfect image in itself the couple are in 1/3rd of the photograph the bikes are too and the birds in the background suggest that the couple even though they cannot fly, feel as though they can when they are together.

the second image pulled at my heart-strings as it reminds me of my grandfather, and the bluebells we used to take photographs of in Ilkeston. this is perfect to me as the photograph itself has been captured beautifully and represents good time for myself.

the third image shows how things can last forever, or specifically love can last forever as this old couple seem so i  love and to me this is the most beautiful and perfect photograph type I may ever see, old people ‘still’ in love with each other.

perfectly captured then edited,


the first photograph shows magnificent editing the power of the undated photograph is so strong that the editing is just an enhanced version of an already incredible image. the portrait itself looks like its taken of a lost woman (mentally that is) she looks so unbothered by her hair in the wind because of the thing she has seen before her eyes, it maybe upsetting her looks as though her world has stopped for a second and this moment has been captured here.

the photograph in the middle (second photograph) is beautifully taken of a girl outside and edited to look as though she is in some kind of wonderland tho is perfect to me as she looks as though she is in a fairytale which is deemed ‘perfect’ by many people. this photograph is kind of magical to look as you’re drawn to it and you eyes are made to fly around the page as the delicate and discrete flutters of light and colour which shouldn’t really be there, but just seem to work beautifully with this girl in her wonderland.

the third image here is a hard biker clearly taken in the evening to get a good light but a vignette has been added to the photograph to show him more in the photograph and possibly to model him and his motorcycle more obviously. the light from his motorbike is almost lighting up the photograph due to the fact that the vignette has added the affect that the photograph is a dark photograph the bright light against the dark vignette creates a juxtaposition making the dark seem darker and the light of his bike seem brighter suggesting this picture is from night-time.


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