Evaluation on hair styling shoot

In this photoshoot my main aims were to, take an array of quality photographs, meet the standards and expectations which my clients had which was to show her hair of to the best of my capability and also to make the model i was working with comfortable in order to avoid ridged or awkward poses. i believe that these aims were met but still there were some changes i will make for future shoots.

First of all my first model walked into the room very shy (her name was Rosie) her stylist enlightened me of this before the shoot began in private. after finding this out i encouraged her and made the shoot all about making her comfortable when she was made to feel comfortable i then spoke to her more and her stylist and i focussed of getting her hair to be shot in the exact way to which the client wanted it to be shot. beneath is a before shoot where i was encouraging the model and an after shoot from when she was comfortable and i was making the hair the focal point in the shoot.

DSC_1373favorite shot 2

model: my model Rosie though shy at first was an exceptional modal once she got into the flow of the shoot, just like me she was learning as she was going as we are all here to learn, so for saying it was her first modelling experience she did brilliantly.


i shot this whole shoot on ISO 100, its much better to have slower shutter speed than try and make the ISO larger. so as a result my shutter speed was 1/200th of a second and i used an aperture of 13 on the specific image here above, these factors on my camera were the light reading results i got at the beginning which is why i used them. my intention in tho shoot was to make the hair on the model look crisp and as close to perfection as i could possibly get.


The lighting i used here was to highlight the background so that it was pure white, and that no distractions where on the background to take away from Rosie’s hair and face. there was also a very high up soft box next to my camera position on the right hand side and a beauty dish on the other side of the shoot. This was to ensure some light but not a lot was on the models other side as to avoid a complete butterfly affect this is is why the soft box was high up, and this is why i also had another light on one side of Rosie, but quite far off as too avoid having too much light.


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