Lightroom ‘vs’ Photoshop

(Images on the left) Lightroom

(Images on the right) Photoshop


When it come to using light room when editing your images on the side bare, all of these functions that are available in Lightroom are available when you use photoshop on raw images. this is very useful as as soon as you open a NEF (raw file) into Photoshop you get the above right hand side options on the right hand side of your image before you even compress the photo into a different format and take it into the main photoshop edition panels.

Lightroom-Develop-Module photoshop-cs6-jjc

i personally prefer how on Lightroom you can get your brush on the top righthand corner and use the two smaller arrows rear the WB (white balance) to change the actions the brush tool will perform when you use the brush as this is a handy and easier way on using the brush tool. i find that in Photoshop its harder to find the things you want to do to your pictures as its not as obvious and levelled as Lightroom but the Photoshop editing program is a lot more professionally aimed and in being so its extremely completed to get your head around in all aspects not just finding your way around it. to sum it up, everything you can do in Lightroom you can do in Photoshop, plus much more, it may just take a while to get used to if say you’ve used Lightroom, or adobe bridge before.


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