The idea

the idea is the theory that most or all famous and successful photographers have a concept behind their work, and why the images they capture caught their eye:

  1. Urban landscape (architecture, street scenes, landscape)
  2. People (portraits, documentary, street photography)
  3. Recognisable compositional technique

Photographs taken of people.

street photography: Street photography is photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment.

This image by tony-ray jones was taken at crafts in 1968 and proves how street photography isn’t necessarily a new genre of photography. this also proves that street photography isn’t exactly what is “says on the tin” as it isn’t always just on a street is is the technique of taking photograph in a public place.


also photography by photographer like christophe agou and michael wolf these pictures were taken of people on a but which would also be street photography just a more abstract kind with a more specific target in mind. these images below are “Tokyo Compression” by Michael Wolf and “Life Below” by christophe agou. the two very different style of photography being black and white and quite grungy and dark as opposed to the outer window view of michael wolf’s work show how even inside each genre of photography different compositions and technique are used to capture the image.

“Life Below” by Christophe agou

LifeBelow_Agou04 LifeBelow_Agou05

“Tokyo Compression” By Michael Wolf.

 332 1061

Photography taken of the city.


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