Themed Street Photography: 6th Jan 2015


Here is the obedient relationship between owner and canine. The owner is clearly in control of the animal and that is what relationship they in the picture have between eachother. this is a very popular relationship in that human beings have control over animals and that the animals have muzzles on this goes on to show how the owner is even more in control over every aspect of the dogs she has.

Relationships xaf


This image was taken of a lady through a shop window there was no plan in this photograph i just tapped gently on the window and made it clear i wished to photograph the woman, she smiled and posed as so. the idea in this picture was that reflections of the street were shown over the woman and the inside of the shop so it did not just look like the inside of the street and also to show it was clear the picture was taken from outside, using windows was a favorite technique of mine today in my discovery of street photography as it gives distint reflections whilst still allowing one to focus on a subject behind the glass.

Staged xaf


To achieve this theatre style i went into a church and asked a receptionist if she would come and pose for a picture, i almost got her to act out a scene when i took a photograph. i got the woman to do a wild pose as she fitted into the theatre genre very well with her dynamic posture in this image.

theatre xaf


The atmosphere in this photograph makes you feel like it is cold and has been raining, weather wise that is. also the empty bottle and the feet also make you feel as though there is tension and a threat of violence, as if the bottle could be used as a weapon, possibly the viewer on the bottle has bad intentions due to the depressive weather state the person in shot could also be depressed.

atmosphere xaf


we were asked to take a photograph of something which we considered curious or envied curiosity in us. i myself took this photograph because i took it in a curious way by lying on the floor and getting an upward angle on it i also was curious as to whose bike it was and when the graffiti got on the post and why the graffiti was placed there also who by.

Curiosity xaf


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