Connotation and metaphor advertising

Advertising using just imagery.


This advertising is for FedEx and it shows how you can send from one country to another by mail more specifically FedEx. Like a friend passing to another friend the people passing from one window to another symbolises that they are more emotionally close than it seems if they stay in touch with mail but also that with the pictures background the distance geographically is far.


This advertising is a massive statement using the classic disney fairytale Cinderella and its plot to show that at 12:00am Cinderella is in rags but at McDonald’s. Her being at McDonald’s poor suggests that this fast food place is cheap and affordable for the poorest too, they except every kind of person. Also the fact that the guy in the window is still serving at 12:00am shows how McDonalds are open 24/7 and this is very convient for a lot of people, night workers, people who can’t sleep or princesses leaving a ball in a rush.


Margery Simpson the mother of Maggie, Bart and Lisa Simpson and wife of home from the tv show is shown here without her iconic up and large curly hair which is always blown out of proportion. She had been supposedly given the frizz ease product in order to tame her locks this has worked and we see her in a new light with brand new hair. Without using any words this advertising method shows how even the curliest of hair types can be transformed with this serum even Marge Simpson’s.

Advertising using text.


This is a phone and words which are very powerful the timeline is next to a burning down cigarette almost as if to say that you are smoking away years of you life and that every cigarette you smoke your taking some time off of your life.
I would represent this idea using only a photograph by showing 2 people of the same age one smoker one non smoker and emphasise the traits of a smoker for instance the yellow fingers the premature skin wrinkling and the darkened teeth. Then on the non smoker show how different the other person would have looked at their age if they had never smoked before.


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