Finding photos for three random words

Today we were asked by our tutor John Kemp to pick three coloured cards from three piles. these cards had words on the other side we had to take at least 20 images for each card. so from then on we went out into derby and took photos.




this broken brickwork to me symbolises how the foundations of the building crumble and fall apart just like the foundations of an occupation or relationship can also crumble apart and decay.


This tree was supposed to be standing but was on its side to show how it is almost broken but that things could be worse as this is fixable by just standing the tree up.


this was taken very quickly as i took it whilst walking along as crooked old street just outside of derby city centre. its a forgotten street which was once a very busy and full off life part of the area. the streets have been broken by years of wear and have not been repaired because the street isn’t  ‘popular’ any-more as it once was.



this key has been curiously in the same tree for a very long time this could mean in my opinion the key is significant in someone’s history and that maybe somebody used to own and had to let go of or significantly wrapped around the tree for some personal reason.


this to me shows old and new in one image. the old Tudor bar is on Sadler Gate an old crooked and slightly deserted forgot older part of central derby. the plants are highlighted by the sun discretely showing how there’s is new in the photography, but the lit up background makes the bar the focal point of the image. me using new in a ‘history’ themed photo juxtaposes the old in the image making it seem even more ancient.


the rustic background of this image shows the very old and un-restored brick of the building i shot. the lamp is antique but has been restored and been fitted with a new bulb shedding some ‘new light’ as it were on this old and seemingly forgotten part of derby.

Three of a kind.


where three classmates have been sat together and left their seats unattended and not put away. this is how socially people act and stick to people they have something in common with that why three people with similar interests, left their three chairs together waiting to come back and still sit in their group of three.


the three hanging baskets looked perfect. they were perfectly framed and just stood outside of this restaurant looking perfect in their three. if you took one away it would ruin the whole image of the restaurant front. using the rule of three or ‘three of a kind’ in life can be a very affective way of displaying things as objects that appear in threes are more appealing, memorable, and effective than other numbers of objects, this is why the flowers look appealing next to each other and create this idea of ‘perfect’ in our eyes.


these three things have again been displayed in this shop window as it looks appealing and they will ideally be bought more, but this isn’t why i took it. i took this photo because it has a nice reflection in it and it fits my brief perfectly of three of a kind as it is three bottles of wine together.


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