Critical Analysis Of Photos


the composition of the image above is is very well framed and makes the focus of the image the man and the wheel but when you look closer you see the background. the lighting in this image is from what i can see natural light but as it is set in a factory there may also be some artificial lighting assisting this affect, i cant really tell as it isnt as obvious when an image is in black and white to tell the temperature of the lighting. the setting of the image is an industrial setting as Maurice Broomfield is an industrial photograoher this specific image was taken at Raleigh cycle works in Nottingham. the man himself is dressed in a simple shirt and trouser this suggests that there was a lack of health and safety when this was taken. what the man is wearing also suggests that he is working class and is just making the most of the clothes he hashe has a very blank and motionless expression which may mean that he was posing andd staged as factories are dark nd as this image was taken in theearly 50s a large format camera will have more that likely have been used as this is a very high quality image. i would guess that this was taken in maybe summer and afternoon sort of time as his sleaves are rolled up which may suggest hot weather, also the light isnt head on so it must be after or before midday when the sun is highest.

i believe that the purpose of this image is journalistic and is to document working life in the early 50s. this was to show people after WW2 that going back to work was popular and that things were as they were before. this kind of image may be seen in a magazine, newspaper, or a poster maybe to encourage people back into the workplace.


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