Culture and social


images i believe represent culture:


expensive shoes and “big value’ shopping have no money but spend their money on their groceries.


having to take the bus


using a public phone with cash and not having your own phone


mothers, punks, father, sons


apartment blocks with a big security system and small window so they can’t be smashed typically for troubled housing areas.


“mothers meeting” classic mothers chatting whilst shopping in sainsbury’s


Staged xaf

manager setting the ralph Lauren display


poshly dresed and relaxed elegance, effortless beauty, at an experienced age barely any wrinkle except smile lines and crow feet on the eyes (smile lines) no drug or alcohol abuse and no nicotine addiction.


a posh pub with elegant plants expensive and only available to richer people or upper class/ middle class.


wine is for cultured people stereotypically posh people try wine and visit vineyards for tasting parties.


modern life and culture in images

to be cultured is stereo typically to be well off to have an interest in fine arts and cuisine and also to be typically well educated.

culture is what traditions someone holds close to them. (reloigion, ethnicity, gender)

customs and your morals all come under how cultured you are.



  • technolgy taking over (sat down with family to dinner (sat on phone)
  • uninventive generation, redoing the styles from the past (80s fashion,90s fashion)
  • letters are gone people email now
  • musical change
  • young celebs took drugs and have turned bad
  • cant out a phone down for 5 minutes.
  • artificial colourings have made foods more ‘appealing’ change of packing as times have changed
  • things are more expensive.

Chinese foot binding culture this was culturally acceptable to them at the time as this was the ‘norm’ and was a tradition to which took place in order for women to find a suitable partner. The process was started when women were aged between four and nine before their feet were fully developed and was often carried out during the winter months when the girls’ feet would be numb from the cold,this tradition was also named ‘lotus feet’ to make it seem like a more beautiful thing to do and be a part of. as you can see below this woman’s feet are so small as her bones were bent at a young age purely for the reason that they believed men wanted a woman with small feet.

Status: The women photographed are all peasant farmers living and working in rural areas, far away from the city life where foot binding was used as a display of social status, as wealthy women who did not need to work would have their feet bound

Bouncy Castle, 1995

Tom Hunter, Bouncy Castle 1995


William Eggleston, 1980

two very different types of culture and social status captured here by two different photographers. the first image taken by Tom Hunter was a festival image where people don’t take themselves too seriously and are having a good time but probably wouldn’t want to be seen in front of others in normal circumstances like this. the second image portrays a more serious and well of person and this is a very judging concept as we are only shown the back of her head, however we can still tell that this person is more elegant possibly more educated and bought up in a more affluent background. the way the second woman holds herself is that of an elegant posture and again shows how some people are taught to behave from a young age in a more middle class upbringing.if we go back to the first image we see that posture is definitely not a concern here and that the people are almost drooped over and relaxed. the hair of the woman in the second image is a lot more prepared and you can tell that a lot of effort has gone into making it perfect the fact that people cannot see the back of their head may suggest that she has had somebody do her hair for her for that day, which suggest she is rich and enjoys spending her wealth of looking good from the pearls shes wearing the cigarette she is smoking and the diner she is eating in her money is important to her and she uses it on a daily basis. the young boy in the first image however has barely any clothing on which isn’t entirely appropriate. he also has a haircut which is related to a harsh lifestyle (a Mohawk), this haircut also isn’t in the middle where it should be which indicates that someone who was untrained has given him this haircut and done a inadequate job of it, but again the laid-back attitude of these people is almost somewhat desirable as none of them seem to care about anything except in this picture, having a good time.


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