Chris’s words lesson

In this work load we explored the concept of connotation so explaining something without actually using the thing itself.

below are the words to which we were given by chris out lecturer and there are all around it connotations or words which we related to the words we were given.

img_2318 img_2317xx

we were told as a group to take pictures of these words but we could represent the word with its visual match we had to find other ways of representing the idea of for example a sandwich, grass and scissors.


this is my representation of the sea and rain and proportion. you see the rain is very in-proportionate to the sea but the rain when collected makes something bigger puddle, lake and even the sea. idea of this is that the pages in the notebook are the rain and that they overall make up the book and the book as a whole represents the sea.


the wordsblack&white, mother, father, scissors and seperation have been represented in this image. i have cut a photo of my mother and father in half using the scissors (which shouldnt really be in the picture but oh well). the mother and father are ‘seperated’ and this is shown by the cut in the photograph being between them. the black and white represents ethnicity and also how a mother and father can have very black and white roles in the household, bredwinner and housewife.





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