Visual Analysis of culture


this picture i have taken i would say show a more lower class type of person and atmosphere. for example the people in this phootgraph do not look as though they are particularly rich due to the observation of clothing and posture. their clothing is basic and could be work clothing probabky a more meanial job on less pay as they are all in town around the ‘metro’ a cheap convinience shop on the outskirts of the city centre.the aesthetics of this image create a colour op feel where its needed but makes the people in the image seem dull and almost ghost like. the bus and ‘metro’ sign stand out because that is what i wanted them to do the colours pop and make your eye bounce around the image at all the components of the image. but this is an old image and i need to write more of the new images i have taken that relate to culture and social life in derby.


Looking back on how my childhood was i didn’t have lots of technology and was an outdoors child but children nowadays are leading different lives due to culture in the present day being different for children causing them to have a very different childhood type. ‘The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there’ (from L. P. Hartley’s novel The Go-Between).

in the contemporary world children have barely any responsibility and are nurtured bought nice things and typically treated well. whereas back say one hundred years children had to focus on production not consumption and labor not play which shows just how much things have changed culturally and socially and how this has affected children.

children are fascinating and such dreamers i wanted to capture the curiosity of children and how we may lose this as we develop and forget how to image and dream as adults. the first image i took here the curiosity of this little girl was amazing always learning like everything she was seeing was something new, but as her mother pulls her away from fascinating new things she’s looking back wondering what I’m doing. as she stars into the lens i see possibility in her eyes, she could turn into anything and the woman who is pulling her is her mother and the main influence in her life that will guide her and develop her into the adult she inevitably will be soon. i have tried here to take images from a curious and new interesting way in order to see the world like a child again and see that there is always so many new things to learn.

its quite sad that the amount of economical status someone has is what raises their children and gives an education to both child and parent, sadly money is a crucial part of life without it we do not have a quality of life. a child raised in a less economically benefitted atmosphere won’t have the clothing and the pocket money or experiences say a child from a wealthy family may have.


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