today we were asked to complete a series of experiments with movement in photography by changing the shutter speed we were using.

i ha a lt of difficulties with out session today i really struggled with getting the manual setting on ,y camera correct and as a result of this i struggled getting an accurate shot trying to represent the effect i was trying to produce in the image.

Continuous/ burst shooting is when a group of photographs are layered on top of one another and shown together in the image to create the stages of a moment happening he i have shown the image of a woman feeding pigeons using 3 images joined together as the birds were all over the place the image is noisy and very busy filled with the animals flying in all directions.

DSC_0055 bird ladycopy

Zoom burst is when you zoom in whilst clicking the shutter making the zoom affect the shutter before it closes creating a cured and tunnel effect. here i have attempted this method and have succeeded…somewhat.


Panning is when you follow a moving image in order for the image/ model in this can to be in focus and for the background to be blurred and appear to be moving.



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