Sequential image

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison created the light bulb and this then created the possibility for studio filming lit more accurately. Thomas Edison founded Edison Studios which was an American film production company. the studio made close to 1,200 films. below is a short film created in the studio and an image of the company itself.


Cutout Animation 

Cutout animation is a technique for producing animations using flat characters, props and backgrounds cut from materials such as paper, card, stiff fabric or even photographs. The world’s earliest known animated feature films were cutout animations (made in Argentina by Quirino Cristiani) as is the world’s earliest surviving animated feature. here below is an older example of an animation a very early example.

and more modern examples of cutout animations used for example are charlie and Lola the children program.


this is a technique where the film makers draw over the top of each single frame and in doing this create an animation with very realistic characteristics but still not very real. the creator of this technique was max Fleiscuher and his brother. an example of a rotoscope is linked below.

Osbert parker

the link below here is to a short film entitled ‘Film Noir’ this short film much like many cutout was made from paper and card and various materials shown together to appear to be moving. but the interesting part of Osbert Parker’s work is the fact that he uses sections or people from already existing tv shows and movies and creates new, exciting and alternative works of film which are so very captivating. his use of gun shot wounds just emphasizes the fact that this is a cutout animation in that when the subjects are shot in the short film they obtain rips in them instead of bleeding a very smart was of showing how the media has been damaged and the person on the media also.

to conclude this post i believe that the techniques which are most similar are


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