word association with Phil


being a feeling of pensive sadness and usually not caused by anything obvious at all. i have selected these images as they are both personally attached to myself. when i feel melancholy i try and go have a bath or look or listen to water because that is what makes me feel better and more relaxed. i saw the water submerging this mans body and immediately emphasised with the body as it looks frail and cold this has probably been accomplished by the water being freezing but the body looks sad and hurt and like it needs warmth and comfort.

the second image i have chosen here is a sad dull and dark building scene maybe a beachfront village but it looks very sad but doest have a cause to be, as it is supposed to be a happy seaside pier. there are fairy light lit in the top corner almost as if to suggest that there is always hope in a sad situation and when melancholy the light is still always there.

tumblr_myv04tbMcd1qb8xvxo1_1280-1 c7b391dd57cb6ed747a3bd544e1116b7


i chose the urban setting with bold stripes and black and white has shown how this image is so striking and not natural at all so very opposite ti a rural setting.



the idea of cool made me think of two things could be a fairly low temperature or a calm and composed nature. but then i came across a third idea the cool where you find something interesting. these a both interesting images to me so i found them ‘cool’ also the settings of both of them are a low temperature and the second image of the couple under the moon shows a calmness and composed posture in that they are both happy and calm amongst each others company.



romance makes a simple touch of an arm fantastic, it is compassion and love that makes a simple touch so special. romance in photography is so important as photography is the only way of capturing a moment in detail and keeping it forever it never changes. the image of the couple kissing is entitled V-J Day in Times Square and is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt and is of an American sailor kissing a woman on Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day) in Times Square in New York City, on August 14, 1945. kissing is a romantic sign that two people are joining together and this is important and shows how women and men love each other. the image of the trees is a romantic colour and is reds and magentas and pinks creating a loving atmosphere and a peaceful sensual background the trees are entwined almost as though they are embracing and kissing much like how humans behave so this metaphoric embrace the trees are doing is almost personifying the act of romance to suggest trees can experience love.

SONY DSC Legendary_kiss_V–J_day_in_Times_Square_Alfred_Eisenstaedt


e078f8881632c64267c1ecee9b67c641 efe231b2159d9365384c697de96ed63d


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