Ethereal brief

We were teamed up into pairs today and given client briefs. i was paired with Oli and out brief as a pair was to “Capture JWC (Joseph Wright Centre) in a way that we wouldn’t recognise”.

i first looked up the meaning of ethereal, this meaning was ways that are light and beautiful almost not of this earth. after i looked up the meaning i looked up example of peoples ethereal photography and interoperated it in my own way as to see example of a subject i am unsure on helps out a lot. i spent most of today taking photographs trying to show the college itself but either taking the image in a way you wouldn’t recognise it or in the post camera process whilst editing. the clients needs were alway being taken into account whilst i was shooting these images and i only shot something if i thought it was aesthetically pleasing and also met the brief of etherealism in derby college changing the way we look at the college.

on my test shoot i took a few test images to get used to the surrounding i was using indoors using available light some artificial but mostly natural light. for my test shoots i found that i needed obviously my camera D7100 Nikon but also i needed a tripod for the studio image i had in mind, and studio background with a soft box and beauty dish. in my test shoot when i looked at the characteristics of the areas i needed to take photographs of i noticed certain aspects which needed assistance such as going from working in a stairwell with light which cannot really be controlled by myself then into the studio at college which is dependent on my controlling the light in the right way to work.

here are some of the images i have taken today and some explanations for each.


this is my favourite image and the image i believe fits the brief the best. i wanted it to seem bright and happy in the centre as you probably wouldn’t realise that this was a ceiling light as it has been double exposed it is now unrecognisable. the confusion of a double exposure creates this idea that it may or may not be real again using etherealism to confuse you. but also have some wonder and something mysterious about this image i make my own hand claw at the space below the light creating the idea of desperation and slo creating a generally spooky feeling.


smoke itself is a magical thing the way it dances around a scene is incredible. i have smoke has been captured in this self portrait by me because it makes for an interesting image with a bizarre and ghostly feel to it.


the image above started off as a bright blue hallway on the top floor of the college with bright bold and a warm inviting feel with just a change of colour and minor contrast and brightness adjustment an eerie and spiritual mood has been set.


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