Editorial Photography on Location: Magazines

Editorial photography refers to the pictures in a magazine that aren’t ads. The photographs that go along with the articles – even the cover of the magazine. so its basically the photograph that supported the word printed in an article of a magazine.

the magazines shown here are all examples of editorial photography on location and how the magazine are inside and out every single little detail down to font and picture positioning (page composition) sets the theme of each magazine and changes each to having different target audiences.


this interview magazine is mainly targeted at a younger more modern and stylish audience due to the location the cover picture was taken in an urban and bright nightlife which wouldn’t appeal to all people.


this wallpaper magazine has geometric shapes is trying to get you to read the article about the Global Interiors which makes it editorial it isn’t advertising as i originally thought it was because it isn’t showing off a single item. editorial art directors tend to like neat and tidy composition so this image is a good example of neat straight line that are in line perfectly, of course these things can be corrected post shooting but its not nearly as simple as stepping left or right or even just adjusting your posture.


this picture is a good example of where someone has shot a picture with the intention of it being the cover photo because there has been space left around the model and enough space at that for the words of the front cover. the background is not too busy allowing words to be seen well and shot portrait (vertical) of course. the location suits the model’s clothing and hair and makeup as in some cases months of planning can go into a shoot for a magazine as work rebound as Vogue. this whole theme is retro so the way she is shot is a quite elegant and retro way legs crossed and good posture. this model’s clothing and stockings suggest that she is retro and almost regal looking. but the era they are focusing on in this particular magazine in the contents in the 20th century and All of the 20th century at that some of the 40s shown on the cover and a lot of the 70s on the inside as shown below some of the words from the inside of the actual vogue pages of this magazine say that these clothes are the 70s coming back to 2015 in these words exactly.

High-waisted denim paired with a pajama shirt, a denim trench, and a pair of white ankle boots is as 70’s as one can get without looking hokey, and the printed jackets and cotton shirtdresses look unbelievable wearable.

rag-and-bone-pre-fall-2015-01-683x1024 rag-and-bone-pre-fall-2015-07-683x1024 rag-and-bone-pre-fall-2015-13-683x1024


this location shoot was about a submissive woman call ‘Anastasia Steel’ from a very popular book called fifty shades of grey released in 2013. due to the fact that Dakota Johnson in particular is being shot the clothing she is wearing has been adjusted to suit the character she played and also the setting on a bed and on a fluffy rug emphasises her character’s characteristics. again enough space has been left so that text and a title can be placed on the image for a cover shoot, although the second image is very tightly framed it probably wasn’t shot like this due to the fact that photographers working in editorial have to step back and not frame whilst shooting so that there is space for bleed and also that the image isn’t unusable and shot too tight, cropping and farming can always be changed post shoot.


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