Photo analysis

Describe image objectively:

  • there is a woman leaning on a bookshelf
  • a man is supporting the woman
  • they could be a couple
  • the mans regimentals (army uniform) suggest he may be off to war soon or has come home recently.

the image here is about recreating the story within the book by taking the characters off the page and creating a book page sculpture. the photographer Thomas allen has then captured the creation he has made and kept it as an image. The genre? creative Analyse and deconstruct image into social and culturalĀ meanings? the aspects of this image such as the woman facing the wall suggest that there has been a fight and that the man is reassuring the woman of his feelings. there was almost a feel of war as the man is in regimentals and the woman appears to be distanced from the man this could be more than just a metaphor maybe a goodbye. the images them selves as they are two dimensional they’re easier to understand a story not three dimensional and not as distracting. as Thomas allen conveys relationships and difficult human characteristics and moments he uses specific lighting and focusing to create the story he is trying to tell. the cut book illustrations are very vivid. thomas allen works towards creating action scenes and love triangles from the already vivid covers of pulp novels. What do you know about the context of its production? the production era of most of his work was the 21st century but he is using old and vivid novels from the 50s and 60s era. he’s hopped back in time to create a story from the book into a sculpture. i know his ‘Uncovered’ photographs were published by aperture foundation in 2007.tumblr_nnucpru80U1tlft4ro1_1280


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