Narrative image making

its almost making what is not automatically seen, seen. Narrating your photographs is telling a story by using the language of lighting to create a story. images tell stories using semiotics which are a sort of signs or visual cues that send a message to the viewer. so when photographers with an eye for it take images with the intent of capturing a feeling or a story so that the viewer remains captivated in the image. visual photograpy is a unique was of understanding and is powerful in that every person will originally create their own story until told what the photographers intentions were.

this image i found whilst scrolling through photographs looking for narrative images. i believe strongly that this image like many has a story to tell. you know when an image has a story to tell when you start asking yourself questions. for instance i began asking myself questions such as, why does he have a box on his head? is he hiding? what is his destination? is he really happy?. questions like this provoke interest in the image make you want to know more and make your mind create answers to your questions, as human being we don’t like the unexplained and we always try to make sense of something, even if it involves making up a story in our minds. narrative photography brings out the creative side in everyone who views it, whether they realise it or not.


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