“Sell, Sell, Sell”


think of how a guinness looks and how to photograph black and white find black and white or brown and white objects and frame them to be in correct ratio to what a pint of guinness looks like. below are some rough ideas and doodles i and about what to do but



here as you can see i have taken image of two tone things framed to look like the same liquid to foam ratio as guinness.


starting from the first image there is a wall and a lift entrance door. there is a white radiator and a green wall, a black painted doorway and a white wall behind it. there is finally a vending machine using the darker insides of the vending machine and a paler side of the vending machine walls.

these pictures took planning i had to know exactly what to look for when i left class and the general ratio is quite hard to capture as the camera likes a set point to focus on, with only two tones of colour this was very hard to do. i had to focus on a separate part of the image and then adjust light at the same time in order to capture this properly.

the concept here is that for a man or woman who just fancies a yummy guinness towards the end of the day there are reminders of guinness everywhere and how we see things makes us what one even more. for instance we could be looking at a radiator against a wall and think mmm that looks like a pint of guinness.


looking at adverts for beers and ales like werthingtons, carling and guinness they never try and make the advertising for woman.

this is understandable as a lot of men drink alcohol and are in pubs…but so are women so i took the liberty of advertising guiness for women but not obviously just using products only women tend to use as apposed to men.


above i have taken the girly idea of using a handbag and have seen that the black bag and the white wall behind it look like guinness.

guinness copy   guinness      woman guinness copy

this first image above is the general example of the girly take i would have on guinness mocking its masculine advertising which is usually used. i would go on to use say, tights and fluffy socks, more make-up and stuff like that. i had a more specific idea for make up that i could make into an actual humorous advert. i would show woman applying white lipstick with guinness on it and then a woman drinking a pint of guinness as you get a classic guinness foamy lip and show that both make your lips white and i could use words on each image saying ‘is it really that different?” as if to suggest that woman applying make-up is no different to her having a pint. there a doodle about the idea i have above.

a more embarrassing example of womanly guinness ideas was to make even more of a mockery of the manliness of guinness and make women sanitary towels and bras and thongs as part of the pint. for instance i have coloured in a sanitary towel to look like a guinness and have merged it into the background of a guinness pint on PhotoShop. taking these humorous womanly ideas could be seen as Gross, funny or sarcastic but it would be a good advertising stunt in my opinion and might even get just a few more or more whimsical women to actual try a pint of guinness and they might even enjoy it.


the kuleshov experiment is a very simple way of making advertising to a specific audience achieveable. for instance the two image above suggest that a woman could drink a pint of guinness and that would be the market for a sale. and then you have the two images below which instantly suggest that a male will be drinking this pint.


It is uncommon to find an advertisement for alcohol that is gender-neutral or intended to question gender stereotypes. gender stereotyping is so commonly used by alcohol advertisements as advertising companies see the sexism in our society and use it to their advantage by trying to link their product with the attractiveness towards the opposite gender. In our society though drinking is common to mostly all age types it is has a massive effect on the social habits of young adults. Nightlife and alcohol go hand in hand, and this is generally the stage in life where people are most concerned with attracting someone else rather than achieving professional success, or raising a family. sexism its a good marketing brand and seems to get many especially men interested in the alcoholic beverage which is being sold.

when i realised to extend of the gender stereotyping in alcohol advertisement i decided to challenge what a woman should be drinking, why can a woman not have a pint at the end of the day? and furthermore why can a man supposedly not have a glass of wine with dinner? there is absolutely no connection to which type of drink a gender should be ‘allowed’ to drink there should be no restrictions of what a female or male should drink just because an advertisment said its not the drink for them.

a general idea i had for an advertisement would be a page split into three sections like a comic book. an example and a rough doodle will be shown below this text.

here as shown i am definitely not the strongest drawer in the world but you get the gist. the idea is that the first two images could change with every advertisement showing things which women have been able to do despite them being seen as ‘manly’ things to do for centuries and then the third image is her enjoying a pint in a pub as if to say if we can conquer all these very hard things then I’m sure women can handle a pint of guinness.

i would incorporate small guinness like details into each image for instance each image would be in black and white to keep with the vintage guinness style that the advertisements usually have (so there are not too many changes all in one go just the target audience). i would make tiny things like the boxing gloves black and white like guinness (in the same ratios as the images i have taken) and then use the advertising strips you get in football pitches and have them completely covered with the guinness adverts. in the next image i have amended these details to give a better example of the images.

and then finally the last image i believe has been portrayed badly it would be more like a woman enjoying a pint go guinness and savouring the flavour with maybe some men around her looking on approvingly would be a nice added touch.

DSC_1744 DSC_1745


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