Narrative Photo task

Today out brief was to (without leaving the building) take three narrative images dealing with life in an educational institution.

we were told to work to a theme, e.g. Modern architecture, Aspiration, The Future, Education, Socialising, Youth (or another theme of your choice). before shooting we had to decide what message we wanted to send to our could be candid or posed, and we could use natural or artificial light, and could include text if you wished. we were to show our results to the group on Monday 11th May (same day).

i took three images that were on the theme of architecture i wanted to step out of my comfort zone as i was not exactly familiar with the concept of architecture. i did research before hand and came to the conclusion that architecture is all about building structure and how we see the lines and colours of a building its basically the style of design and method of construction of buildings and other physical structures. knowing this research i took images which were accordingly captured.

The staircase


i took this image as it has dynamic angles and interesting diverse shapes. Joseph Wright College is full of angles which we take for granted because we see them everyday and forget the beauty of the architecture around us, as a photographer on this project we appreciate these details more and more because we are always looking for the next image. i wanted to get the angle of looking down the stairs because you can get the various levels and show the height of the building and also as the stairs are an important art of the building structure, and are used everyday by students. the camera settings i used were f stop f/5 as this aperture was correct according to the camera meter i also used a shutter speed of 1/5th of a second and an ISO of 400.



i wanted to capture the beautiful outer shell of the college. in capturing the college the way i have it looks as though i was outside when i took it (i basically wanted to trick the eyes into thinking i wasn’t taking this indoors). the tinted glass means it is hard to see into the building but the students can see clear as day out of the glass. this is for protection of the students privacy almost like a two way mirror in an interrogation room. larger windows are also a characteristic of contemporary architecture. one of the highlights of larger windows in architecture beyond creating spectacular views, is that it makes full use of the sunlight, this presents derby college as a light and airy place to work even though the image is in black and white you can almost imagine how the light spills into the building from the sheer volume of windows on the outside of the structure.

the story behind this image is that the clouds are everlasting and infinite in the building like in the clouds of heaven its an amazing place to be. i also captured this image trying to make the clouds look as though they were never ending and to give the Joseph wright a metaphor of being part of the clouds and almost ‘heavenly’ to suggest that this college is an enjoyable environment. the building itself has straight lines all around the outside and intense colours of blue and black and white. camera settings i used were f/5 aperture and a shutter speed of 1/400 (the clouds were moving surprisingly fast so this was a necessary shutter speed) and i used an ISO of 200.



again i wanted to show how students are just missing the architecture in the college. the male i have purposefully blurred out and been focused on the hand rail for a long time waiting for somebody to come through the door. as you’ll notice the male has just walked straight through the college headphones in kind of ignoring his surroundings.

the angles i captured here are both walls perfectly vertical, the hand rail ends next to the bottom of the white railing in the backgrounded and also i captured the reflection of the windows behind the camera’s direction in the window in the shot. this shot was about the straight lines being captured and by a blur of person almost ‘ruining’ the shot, but the real reason i took this shot was to juxtapose the blur to the perfect straight lines. the camera settings i used are f/8 for aperture and a shutter speed of 1/20th of a second and also i used ISO 400.


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