Equality and Diversity

Equality is about the fair treatment of each individual person in society.everyone should support each other the same amount of effort no matter your indifferences. the indifferences you have are what make you diverse so diversity is the sex you are, your orientation, your race, age, religion or your interests. diversity means the differences that each individual has, equality and diversity is being different but still treated fairly and justly.

Photographic Journeys Across Our Cultural Boundaries

That was the subtitle of Them= Us, PhotoSensitive’s most explicit foray into exploring cultural diversity through photographs. The 1997 exhibit brought together PhotoSensitive’s photographers as well as six Canadian guest photographers. These images celebrate Canadians from diverse backgrounds, all of them preserving history and culture in what we proudly call our national mosaic. This exhibition toured 40 cities, towns and boroughs across Canada, presented by the Harmony Movement.



Many of the images celebrate people of different cultures and backgrounds getting along, and working or playing together. Many images in the exhibit are implicitly against racism and bigotry showing people of all ages and backgrounds trusting each other, engaging each other happily, while never shying away from their own uniqueness. all of these images are about the kindness of humanity and about sharing our lives together and about living in harmony despite our differences. no matter how diverse we should all be treated equal and fairly

montreal-cab-two-women various-skin-colours same-sex-marriage

another photographer i looked at was Mihaela Noroc who has travelled all around the world to 37 countries capturing her idea of beauty she said ‘ realised beauty is about being different,being yourself and keeping your culture and heritage’.

she believes that being a diverse person gives you a beautiful quality which is worth capturing and that everyone has a beauty in them all over the world there is not just one specific kind of beauty there are millions.


The women who were approached by Noroc reacted differently to the project, some were happy, while others were hard to convince.

“There were funny moments when I was showing them my photos and they didn’t believe that are taken by me. The fact that I’m a woman too helped a lot. In the beginning, I was really nervous and I was taking all the refusals personally.”

“In my opinion, beauty means to keep alive your origins and your culture and to be natural, sincere, authentic, particular, not necessary fashion or skinny,” she said.

“I want to show to the world, that we can be different and being yourself is the best bet you can make.”

norocs passion for being the beauty in diversity is inspiring and an idea close to my own heart. thee are no similarities in these women other than gender they are from different places with different beliefs, looks and lifestyles but they are all beautiful.

atlas-of-beauty_colombia2 atlas-of-beauty_iran2 atlas-of-beauty_myanmar atlas-of-beauty_new-zealand atlas-of-beauty_rainforest atlas-of-beauty_USA atlas-of-beauty_USA3


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